The Wiggles

We’ve not discovered this with Rémy yet, but I remember seeing a trailer for their DVD on a Bob the Builder sample DVD my Grandma gave me.
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Entering the world of the Wiggles

By Lawrence Pollard
The Wiggles are an unusual global phenomenon.
They are seen on stage by 750,000 fans each year, they recently sold out Madison Square Gardens in New York for 12 consecutive shows, and they have sold 30 million DVDs and CDs.
Their TV show is available in nearly 50 African countries and throughout the Middle East.
But, Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Sam Moran who make up the blue red, purple and yellow Wiggles, may have completely passed you by – especially if you are over five years old.
It is their simple pop sing-a-long songs which have helped make them such a big hit.
“We play the pop, early 60s style we used to play in our previous band, the Cockroaches, but with different lyrics,” says Cook (Red).
“In rock and roll, the songs are mostly about love, but with children you can write about anything.
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