Visit to see the kiné

Yesterday evening, after putting it off for so long I went to see the kinésithérapeute (mouthful eh? – the physio) for my back pain. I already had back problems before Rémy was born. Since then I’ve been carrying him around in my arms or on my shoulders. As a result of carrying 14kg of baby around I now have a painful neck, back and ankles.

The kiné is over in Champceuil, less than 2km away and the same village where our généraliste is too. As is often the case the cabinet (surgery) is tacked onto a private home. This seems to be quite common in France.

Upon walking through the door we heard a baby literally sceaming while it had some massage done to it. Didn’t really make me feel very confident for my turn. 🙂

A few minutes later the baby appeared in his push chair tearful but with a big grin on his face, I say baby, he was more approaching toddler age. The kiné himself was a really nice bloke, young bald and pratically blind! Yes it was a surprise, but he took my details on the computer with his eyes about 2 cm from the screen. To read my prescription he held it the same distance from his face.

Then I was shown into the consulting room and left face down on a massage bench head in hole with somesort of apparatus applied to my back. Couldn’t really feel anything. I was probably left lying there for about 10 to 15 minutes before he came back to massage the area of my back, he was spot on and found where I’ve been getting pain straight away.

I have another two appointments booked for next Wednesday and Friday evenings, seems that it I’ll now be having a long course of treatment which is long over due, due to my delaying it.

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