Bonne fête des pères!

Oh yes, I’m a “père”… or at least I think I am 😉

Today is Fathers Day in France, the first I have celebrated as my son was a bit too young to participate last year. But with a bit of prompting from Maman and me, he brought me some presents and helped me to open them. I’m a very lucky père indeed, not least because my son is so mignon.

So what did I get? Well, a pair of slippers with a smiley face on that I’m told Rémy chose himself. Then I had a DVD of the excellent Mike Leigh film “Happy Go Lucky”. Thumpah and me had seen it at the cinema in VO. I also had the sound track to the Richard Curtis film “Good Morning England”, definately my sort of music!

I am one lucky Daddy/Père!!!

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