What a couple of weeks in June!

What an understatement!

Stating the obvious given the media coverage, it is so sad to see the passing of Michael Jackson & Farah Fawcett – both childhood icons. I well remember “Charlies Angels” and the corresponding comic strip in “Look-in” magazine back in the 70’s.

Michael Jackson marks my life with the album “BAD”, when it was released a time when I was studying A level art. We were lucky to have our own class room where we could play music and hang out. This album takes me back to that time, along with the “Top Gun Soundtrack” & “Johnny Hates Jazz”… ah the 80’s…

I feel very sorry for MJ, though. Through all the nasty rumours true or untrue, in the tabloids, he had a very tragic personal life. Even though he bought so much happiness to the grand publique with his music. All I ask is that people look through all the lies and put downs, and as for the sick jokes that are circuclating presently on the net… are you really stupid enough to laugh and pass them on???

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at Patrick, my BIL’s 50th. I am always nervous at gatherings like this where there are lots of people, even if I’ve been here 12 years now I often feel uneasy with my French. I needn’t have worried, those I spoke to were so nice and a good time was had by all! Patrick & Martine really did a good job putting everything together and I for one wish them all the very best for the next 50 years 😉

I did joke that it will be my turn next for the big “0” – Thumpah turned 40 back in March, my turn is next January!

The end of the celebration was tinged by a private and very stressful moment, a worry we’d had for over a week at the time. Things seem to be OK now, maybe one day I’ll have to courage to share it on here.

This week has been full of visits to the “kinĂ©” (physio). For about 3 years now, off and on (but more “on” for the last year) I’ve had severe back pain in certain positions. Our Doctor prescribed some physio back in December and had nagged me about it before. Finally, I went ahead and took him up on his offer. My prescription was over 6 months old, so the kinĂ© told me that we’d have to get a new one – although on the strength of the old one he went ahead with treatment.

This last week I’ve lost my temper with RĂ©my twice, both occasions from escalating problems. Everyone says to me that it is natural to lose your temper when taking care of a toddler. Still it makes me feel guilty, and that I’ve “failed”. Each time I put him straight to bed, so that I can calm down – and usually I find that he has fallen asleep when I go back to see how he is. Then when he wakes up he is ready for a cuddle as if nothing happened. I love my son to bits, which makes these occasions even worse for me – but I guess it is all part of being a parent, and something I’m going to have to get used to for the next 20 years or so.

Ron Howard wasn’t wrong with his film “Parenthood” – being a parent is like being on a roller coaster!

One more week, then holidays!!! Much needed…

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