Chipie and knackered HD

Our holiday in Germany at the beginning of July seems a long way off now, but more about that another time. I did keep a diary for part of the time while we were over there, but because I forgot the power lead for my laptop I ran out of “juice” fairly quickly.

Since then we had the remainder of our holiday at home, 2 whole weeks, working on the house and garden. In reality most of the first week was spent running around shopping, added to that 3 visits to the physio a week on both weeks. But the second week we were able to crack on with things. We did get some painting done on the window surrounds and bought our tonnelle.

Sadly Chipie had a stroke a few weeks ago, which really scared us. She had to be taken to the emergency vet, and Thumpah came back with some medication. At first our poor Chipie struggled to get up from her basket and had to be carried outside to do her business, but with the medication she was soon walking again if unsteady on her legs. One of the results of her “attaque” was that her head was twisted to one side – which seems to have corrected itself.

She is still suffering with an injured paw – from a couple of months ago when she tripped. It keeps opening up.

To be faced with the decision about whether to put her to sleep has been so hard, though – especially when she had to see the emergency vet. For now she is eating as normal and is just as greedy as she always has been.  So until she stops eating or starts feeling pain, she will be stopping with us.

My external HD developed a fault just after the holidays – some bad sectors had resulted in corrupted files. One of which is a PSD file I created for a village magazine I’m working on about the artist Roger Soubie. It appears that odd files on the drive have corrupted – and so I’m going to have to replace the disk. Ironic, as it was the mairie that gave me the HD in the first place!

As you can see, my blog has taken on a different form. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be tidying it up as this site is now my 3 blogs rolled into one. My père au foyer stuff and pages about my Dad – as a result I’ve decided to name this blog “Dad in France”.

An operation to trim groups down that I’m involved with has now taken place – I’ve so far deleted 3 groups, so as a result my main expat group is now on Facebook.

Why you ask? Well, I felt that I was spreading myself too thinly on the net – being a home Dad has meant that I’ve just not had the time to keep everything going. So now it is just one blog and in total I’ve whittled things down to 4 sites:

  • English Speakers in France…
  • France from an armchair…
  • Dad in France…
  • Bus photos for…

Unfortunately the English Speakers in France site is down at the moment. My host, LWS, succeeded in deleting the entire site – they didn’t even contact me about it!

It was then they told me that the hosting package I have with them doesn’t include a back up server and that my site hadn’t been backed up anyway by them. Needless to say I wasn’t best pleased, and will change host as the end of the contract. I have found another provider who can supply a back up as part of their package for just 10€ a year more than what I’m paying now. The next problem will be getting the domain tranferred over at that time.

My BIL came to the rescue with a 1 terabyte HD, which is rather a lot bigger than the 250Gb one it replaces. A colleague of Isa’s had kindly offered to scan the problem HD to try and recuperate the corrupted files so I’m now busy backing that drive up before he scans it for me. There is a danger that the scan could delete files. Thank God I backed up all my photos to Flickr! I am currently using FlickrDown to download them from the site.

Given a few weeks I’ll be able to get the English Speakers in France site back online, although this will be from a backup that is 2 months old.

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