Voted today at La Poste

Due to getting the usual accusé de réception for a parcel I was expecting during the week, I ended up having to go to the local La Poste over in Mennecy.
Upon arriving near the entrance, a table had been set up and I was soon stopped by a friendly looking postman asking me if I had voted yet. Wondering if I could – I said: “Je sais pas si je peux parce que je suis pas française”. The reply was quite heartwarming “Mais c’est pas grave ça! Vous utilisez la Poste non???”.

So I voted – with pleasure.

Now what was the vote for? It seems that the French government want to totally privatise the service, which I’m sure most French people think is an horreur. We’ve seen what the same sell off has done to the Royal Mail back home, and it seems that this is why the Postmen & Women are taking this action here in France. At least it will give a true picture.

So how did I vote? Ahhhh…. 😉

Unfortunately between the common AR’s in my letterbox, for parcels I’ve paid to be delivered to my door and the mostly unfriendly staff at the local La Poste (I’m not talking facteurs ni factrices here) – I think they’ll have their job cut out. Not forgetting that we actually bank with La Poste too.

Which leads me to the mess I found upon entering the building. Inside is very small and just cannot cater for the volume of people that use it. It took me 20 minutes of waiting in a disorderly queue this morning just to pick up a package that should have been delivered straight to me at home.
A lot of the time they open a guichet just for those like me, picking up parcels – but they didn’t this morning, and considering banking operations are combined with those wanting to send parcels or buy stamps it was total chaos. One customer was complaining to anyone that would listen “Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils font les operations de banque ici, ce n’est pas une banque!” Well, in fact it is!
Meanwhile another small queue had formed for the automated machine where you can weigh and then buy a lable like stamp to send letters. The idea being that you can save time not going to see someone to be served at the guichet.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work this morning as one bloke found that the machine ate 2 Euros, and even the 50 Centimes he’d put in to try and get his 2 Euros back – so he complained to an employee, who didn’t look a bit bothered that a client had been put out. As he said over and over again “Vous devez mettre une papier pour prévenir tout le monde que la machine n’accept pas les pieces!”

La Poste privatised? What do you think???

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