Potty Time

No, nothing to do with Michael Bentine (if you are old enough to remember his show on ATV), but something rather more mundane.

We started Rémy on the “pot” back in the Summer – but he just wouldn’t have it, screaming as soon as we put him on. Then in August he spent 2 weeks with Thumpah’s parents down in the Périgord Vert – all by himself. His Mamie started him off now and again, so when he came back he was at least used to the potty (I’m English so I call it the “potty”).

Since September we’ve systematically started training in earnest, but he still screams on the rare occasion he does a poo/caca – and still isn’t enthusiastic about the potty – a BIG nooooo. In fact, come to think of it, he has only ever done a poo once in the potty and that was with me a couple of weeks ago.

I still have a bit of a kerfuffle when saying “Have you done a pipi… errr… I mean weewee…!” Very confusing for me and for him!

But being a bloke, what I didn’t realise was that all this pipi… I mean, weewee causes a whole lot more washing. The “pull up” nappies are really rubbish at keeping in liquid. It isn’t like the cheapo ones from Lidl or Netto are any better than the more expensive Pampers (we’ve tried the latter once). The result is the same – a leak meaning that I have to completely change his clothes twice, sometimes three times a day!
Already I have to change his bed sheet once a day because during the sieste he always leaks.

Added to that, with poor Chipie – who is peeing in her cushion basket each night I’ve just about had enough of pipi…. errr… sorry… WEEWEE… :o)

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  1. Come on! You will go trough this a couple more times and you’ll be done but that is what I do for a living!:) So, look at the bright side and say to yourself that it could be a LOT worse. 🙂

  2. Hey it’s pipi not wee wee!
    I have stopped maing a fuss with Manon and now sit her on the toilet when I think she needs to go – it works most of the time apart from poo time!

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