Bonfire Night with a few friends…

A little late, I know – but we celebrated Bonfire Night on the 7th November, for the second time since I moved to France. Our bemused French (and one Spanish) friends sat there to put up with our excentric English tradition of burning Guy Fawkes.

Rémy painted our Guy and Bernadette & Julian kindly provided a French Guy which we had burnt before this video was shot.

Thanks to Catherine & Didier; Bernadette & Julian and also to Julian for taking a few photos (a few of which will follow once I’ve had the time to go through Flickr!).

NOTE: My explanation to Julian about why Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London was errr… wrong! He did it because he was catholic and the parliamant (in the main) and the Royal Family were protestant. It was nothing to do with Royalistes & Parliamentarians… methinks I need to brush up on English history, if only for Rémy’s sake!

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