Wubi… good in theory…


Wubi from Ubuntu is good in theory. In that you can install Linux onto a part of Windows just like any other software, then remove in within Windows add/remove applications.

It creates a dual boot set up using GRUB, which does show up on my machine but then results in a blue screen and reboot when I select Windows XP. So now I’m stuck with Ubuntu, which actually works from the dual boot… surprise… surprise…

Luckily Ubuntu can now read NTFS drives, so at least I can still access any documents I have in Windows.

So a bit of a thumbs down there, because no doubt I’m going to have to reinstall Windows XP from scratch. Something I’m not looking forward to on this new ASUS Eee PC.

For the time being I’m going to sit back and use Ubuntu – test what can be done, in particular video editing and think about what I’m going to do when it comes to upgrading… Ubuntu or Windows 7? At least Ubuntu won’t lock out my BIOS chip when that time comes…?

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  1. Good to see that you are trying Ubuntu but not good you are having problems with it. I have only Linux Mint on my PC, it’s a another distribution based on Debian/Ubuntu and I find it better than Ubuntu.

    Do let me know how you get on….

  2. Thanks Bob. I did briefly give Linux Mint a try on a Packard Bell Easynote XS that we have. Maybe to do with the fact that the PB is really naff, but I couldn’t configure the Wifi properly. Yet Ubuntu has a different approach that works.

    No idea if this is due to a rubbish laptop, or a rubbish operator 😉

    Have used Ubuntu a lot in the past, so I guess I’m just sticking to what I know. I did install it in the PB laptop, and for the first time it actually loaded and worked… for all of 5 minutes before freezing up. Previous versions just resulted in a graphics problem when getting to loading the desktop and created a strange pattern meaning that it was unusable.
    Maybe after v9.10 the next version will work on the PB?

    On that particular machine XP is very sluggish, so if the next version does work then I’ll be over the moon as this is considerably faster than XP!

    Ubuntu runs very well on my main laptop, the ASUS, which I’m using presently.

    As an aside, the other day I installed Tux Paint on my old desktop box (now the lounge PC for music & games etc…) running XP SP2 and an Elotouch touch screen. Means my son can “paint” using his fingers on the screen. I can highly recommend Tux Paint, though, for 2.5 year olds – he has a lot of fun with it!

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Tux pain with a touch screen seems like a good idea. Great way to get kids used to using computers.

    I too have had problems getting the correct graphics modes enabled. Mint gives you a chance to modify the boot command, I added VGA=ASK. You can then hit enter to list the modes available and choose a suitable one.

    Glad to hear there is at least another Linux users here in France!


  4. We’re lucky that my girlfriend works for a company that sells industrial PC’s and touch screens – they had a sample going free so we got it. Unfortunately there are no Linux drivers for it – so Tux Paint is running through XP. I suppose the advantage of Windows is being able to have a good variety of games for my son to play eventually.

    The graphics problem on the PB XS is more to do with the fact that the set up VIA is so naff… graphics chip and processor are all manufactured by that company. I’m holding out that the next version of Ubuntu will work – I mean it boots up correctly and works for 3 or 4 minutes so it is a step in the right direction from last versions.

    Funnily enough, I got into Linux via an expat who lives about 15km from here. He works for Thales working mainly in Linux on their systems – through him I got a bit of an introduction to it, starting on Fedora Core. But I’m certainly no techie – I just get by.

    I now have KDE running on Ubuntu – they’ve done a good job sorting KDE 4 out. I well remember the beta version which was really lumpy. The only snag I’ve had so far is Firefox having messed up fonts on it, and weird things happening with web page fonts too.

    I’ve installed the Windows corefonts, and set Firefox to 96DPI which has mostly sorted it out with a few exceptions that I can live with.

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