Chinese for Sunday lunch?

In the main, I think I am quite pleased to have laissé tombé Facebook, although the most scary thing is that feeling like I’ve lost my right arm. It is only then that I realise that the whole thing was taking too much “space” in my life.

Rémy is still potty training at the moment and doing quite well. But although we are so pleased that he is getting used to things – it does take a lot of extra time to run all that. Plus it is tiring when you are constantly running around cleaning after his pipis (and unfortunately those of Chipie as well).

Last night I finally caught up with all my photos following a problem with my external drive back in August. Photos from July until just a few weeks ago are now safely stored on Flickr – not to mention some help from a colleague of Thumpahs who managed to recuperate quite a few of the files which had become corrupted. Between that and downloading some from my back up on Flickr using Flickrdown I was able to put things back to how they were. Many 1,000’s of photos…

After my problem with Wubi, my ASUS Eee now has Ubuntu installed proper using the alternative CD download – very pleased with Ubuntu 9.10. Very smooth on this laptop and WINE even has an XP layer now.

We’ve had a lazy morning today. Thumpah went to the marché in the next village, Ballancourt-sur-Essonne, to buy a few goodies. Unfortunately food from there is always very expensive (well a lot more than we are used to spending in Lidl or Leader Price anyway), but it is drôlement bon! She came back with a chinese meal, roast chicken from the same stall along with a sort of pâté de campagne with small pieces of foie gras in, saucisson and some chippos that look very much like Lincolnshire sausage.

So today it was pâté, cornichons with fresh baguette for the starter. Chinese (chicken curry for me, fish & fruits de mer piquant for Thumpah served with egg fried rice) for the main meal, and now I’m about to tuck into chocolate cake that Thumpah & Rémy prepared earlier. Will have to work all that off in a bit sweeping up some leaves. Yesterday was extremely windy, but it seems that has done some of our job for us depositing the leaves in neat piles where we actually wanted them!

The weather yesterday in the UK was even worse I hear…

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    1. Was certainly windy here on Saturday morning – but looking at the France Méteo prediction on didn’t even mention any bad weather. Just rain.

      Yesterday stayed dry at least and it is surprisingly warm for this time of year as well – between 13-15°C in the afternoon.

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