First try of Windows 7

Earlier today I went across to see my beau parents because beau père had just bought himself a new PC… with Windows 7. In fact he now has 3, one with XP, one with Vista and now this one. Have to say though I’m not at all impressed with Vista… anyway…

Windows 7 – I was basically there to reinstall MS Office 2003 onto his machine. The “package” came with the usual rip off Windows applications with a 60 day trial, or in this case Office Student 2007 (which apparently retails for 100€). Annoyingly to try it you are obliged to enter your email address to get a “key” to “unlock” Office for the 60 days. Now how daft is that? Yet another innocent person for Microsofts mailshots?

Office 2003 installed fine, and runs very quickly under Windows 7. Have to admit that I’m much happier with Open Office so I would have run that. But beau père is very keen on producing karoké songs using Powerpoint…

Overall Windows 7 reminds me a lot of the Linux KDE desktop, they seem to have borrowed a lot of the graphics and effects from it. Aside from that, I didn’t find it that spectacular. OK it is smooth and quick compared to XP’s cluckiness – but the menus and set up are very similar to XP. Its like Microsoft went over complicated with Vista then decided to go back to the simplicity that works from XP.

All in all, I’ll stick with XP thankyouverymuch. Although my ASUS Eee PC 1005HA will actually run Windows 7 if I wanted, I would need to get another 1Gb of RAM to do so (most likely – to be comfortable). Inevitably I’ll probably have to migrate to it eventually although I’m far from happy about claims that Windows 7 locks your BIOS. If I had my way I’d go more towards Linux and its KDE desktop – but the only thing stopping me there is not having decent video editing software available.

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