RIP Chipie 1993-2009…

Things seem to have happened very fast this afternoon. Our poor Chipie couldn’t get up, after weeks of us having to help her. But this time once I eventually helped her to her feet she fell over again. It must have been this last month or so that we’ve been asking “shall we?” – each time she bounced back looking her usual cute self making “that” decision even more difficult.

But today was different – she had left traces of blood all over the terrace in her many efforts to get to her feet. Something had to be done even if we had to get past that wall of guilt that this sort of thing involves.

This evening we took her to the vets, which was very hard as we had to tie up her mouth. They were running late so we had about a 45 minute wait, the last 20 minutes with us alone on the floor with her, in the waiting room. Then we stayed with her to say goodbye, to caress her, to show her we loved her so much. Thumpah cried, I cried, but I think that now she is in a much better place and now we can move on keeping our memories of her 16 years in our hearts.

Thank you to all the friends out who have been very sympathetic over the last few months, as we tried to face this hard decision. It has been made and we now feel much better, which I didn’t think would be the case!

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  1. 16 years is a grand old age for a dog and she had a great life with you guys, I’m sure. Like Marc said, you did the right thing. In a while you will only remember the good times 🙂

  2. Oh John, don’t beat yourself up. You did the kindest thing. You gave Chipie so many years of love and happiness and then a peaceful leaving – what dog could ask for more? It’s so hard to let them go, but I think you and Isa knew when the time was right. I know it’s sad (been there myself) but try to remember the good times you shared with Chipie and feel good about yourselves for giving Chipie all those happy years of love and then the ultimate act of kindness. Take care of yourselves. Words are so inadequate at times like this.

  3. Thanks Sue, that is really nice of you. Somewhere we feel that we did the right thing, but I guess there is a sort guilt there. Then you just hope she’ll go in her sleep. But she didn’t and it took us a while to realise that she couldn’t carry on with her rear end giving way.

    You can never know how much pain a dog is in – she was eating like normal, but we can only guess that getting up and down must have been terrible for her.

    We’ve been talking over the last few days about getting another dog. Even been looking at the adverts for dogs in the area. For the moment we’re going to get the festivities over and done with – which will give us some breathing space. But in 2010 it’ll not only be a New Year, but a new dog too.

    There are loads of photos that we have of Chipie to remind us what a wonderful time we had with her. We cannot forget her because she meant so much to us. But also when I first moved to France, along with Isa she was a part of my “family”.

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