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Thanks so much for your many messages about Chipie… Here are some of them in no particular order…

Bonjour John, bon courage à vous, ce sont des moments difficiles à passer car nos bébétes font vraiment partis du cocon familial, ils y prennent tellement de place et nous donnent tellement d’amour!!!


Delphine Barros.

john…i am REALLY sorry to hear of chipie’s death..such a sweet dog…and as difficult as it may be to contemplate, i hope you will get remy a puppy as soon as might be even more important for you….otherwise, i hope all is well with you and yours

Melissa Wolf

bonjour john, isa, remy.
je suis vraiment et sincerement desole d’apprendre la disparition de votre chien
nous avons eu chez nous pendant plus de 12 ans un chat qu on a du piquer l’année derniere c’est très douloureux et la maison s’en ressent y’a une présence en moins..
j’espère vous voir bientot prenez bien soin de vous trois
portez vous au mieux see you later !

Christophe Donnez

John, Isa & Rémy:I’m truly sorry to learn about Chipie. Having had dogs for most of the
time over the last 40+ years I really do know what it is like to lose them.
Kind regards,

David Sykes.

Hi, JohnSorry to hear your news.  I imagine the house will seem strangely empty.  I remember feeling quite strange when the cat died.  I was working at Chesterfield Transport back then.Very best wishes to you all,

Richard Turner

Hi John, hi Isa, hi Rémy.We are sorry to hear that Chipie passed away and our thoughts are with you. Our dog “Finja” is nearly 2 years old and we know how much a loving animal like that becomes more than just part of the family.
I hope your fond memories of Chipie comfort you.
With deepest sympathies,

Maik and Claudia Fletcher.

Sorry about Chipie, I didn’t think she was that old. We always forget what relatively short lives dogs have and I guess Rémy was upset, too.Wendy Joint

Dear John & Isa,

I’m very sorry to learn the sad news about Chipie.
She was a lovely dog.  Thanks for the memories.

John Winfield


Nous sommes triste de la disparition de Chipie ! Bon courage à vous à très bientôt,

Grosses bises,


John & Isa I am so sorry to hear about Chipie, she was one of the family and no one can imagine what it feels like to lose a pet if they have never had one it breaks you up.

My Pepper has recovered quite well after I ran over her leg with the car, she will always limp and no doubt it will give her jip from time to time.

She is getting very old now and in my heart I think it will not be long before she will go.

Any way all the best for all of you, and will talk before Christmas.

Nigel Jordan

Hi John

I’ve had a look at the flicker site address you sent. You have some nice

photos there of dear old Chippie, so you have some nice memories of her.

She’s obviously been a great pal over many long years.


John Willis

Thanks also to Wendy Boyrie, Ronica Skarpol Brownson, Niki Mattes, Reinhilde Zelck, Andre Dubois, Karine McGiven, Trina Downey, Serge & Valérie Coural, Dominique Saumon, Keiko Barbaro, Esmeralda & Fréd Simon, Catherine & Didier Jerôme, Virginie Gilles & Lorraine Williams for all your messages on Facebook and elsewhere.

Thanks also to Isa’s family who have been very supportive at this difficult time.

If I have forgotten anyone, then I’m sorry.Your message means so much to us whether it appears here or not.

I just thought it nice to reproduce these here in Chipie’s memory.

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