Disturbed sleep since last Thursday

Since Chipie passed away I’ve really been struggling to sleep. On Saturday we had friends round. Dominique was celebrating his 54th, and as his flat in Paris is too small we offered to let him “faire la fĂȘte” here along with some friends we’ve also known for quite a few years now.

You really realise who your friends are on occasions like this – we had a wonderful evening filling our faces with raclette and good wine and hope to repeat it again with them soon.

Sunday morning I didn’t wake up till 11.30am and the rest of the day was mostly lazy. But since then I go to bed sleep maybe an hour, then spend a couple of hours on the sofa. Like last night. I eventually went back to bed at 3.30am…

In the New Year we plan on taking another dog. But we’ll ask the vet first about some decent contacts when we go and pick up the box with Chipies ashes. Thumpah has already seen one dog in an advert which is 4 months old. Alsatian parentage somewhere in there and feet like manhole covers.

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