Why are La Poste sometimes unbelieveably stupid?

I might add, before I start, with the exception of our local postie, who usually goes out of his way to deliver things… (unless it is a replacement facteur/factrice – also unfortunately the local facteur now comes round on a moped, so all parcel deliveries are now on a seperate round).

Oh and with the exception of our friends Bernadette & Julian who are also posties over in Evry.

But I will say that those at our local office in Mennecy must take the top prize in stupidness. As is quite frequent lately, we get an “accusé de reception” in our letter box usually marked “pas de sonnette” or “absent” – or both! Our latest marked me as being absent – when I was actually in. Meaning the usual inconveniece of having to go and pick the parcel up from Mennecy 2 miles away. Annoying when having paid the postage for the item to be delivered to my door.

So yesterday, still coughing and feeling like shit, I cycled to the local La Poste with the AR and my passport to go and pick it up. Taking advantage of the fact my son spent yesterday afternoon with his Grandparents.

For once I didn’t have to wait ages in line before a guichet became available. A big bloke looking a bit lost took my AR and passport then disappeared through the door at the back of the office to look for my parcel. Then came back seconds later disappearing behind a partition. Then a woman went behind the partition and started discussing something related to my AR. The woman then came back from behind the partition with my AR and passport in hand to talk to the bloke in the guichet next to where I was standing. He proceeded to check on the computer next to him for a few minutes. Before saying “Ah its that one”.

The woman then disappeared back behind the partition with my AR and passport, where the bloke who was serving me was looking for something. She came out and went off into the office used for bank consulations. The bloke serving me appeared and asked me if it was a parcel I was waiting for. To which I told him that I thought it was something from Amazon (having made a few orders  – for Rémys Christmas presents). He then told me that he couldn’t find the item. Then for some reason he disappeared back through the door and came back with a large parcel saying that “this is it”. While telling me to sign the AR he shoved it in the rotating door a few guichets down before saying “its over there”. No “sorry for keeping you waiting” or even a “bonne journée/bon après-midi”.

Then I found I had to open the box, so I could carry the item home in my back pack. The present I ordered was supposed to have been a Gromit (as in Wallace & Gromit) back pack for Rémy – but as it turned out it was a Hutch back pack. So there was this bizarre sight of me outside the office opening up the box stuffing Hutch the rabbit into my bag, then flattening the box he came in then folding it so it would fit in my bag.

I now have to complain to the company who sold me the item through amazon.co.uk to see if I can get it changed before Christmas… Then no doubt go through the whole “accusé de réception” business again… Grrrrr….

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