Colleagues, friends & family this weekend.

While Rémy enthusiastically watches “Thunderbirds” on the TV this morning, I can sit and update my blog. 🙂

It is looking like our weekend is going to be busier than usual – just in the last week things have been planned.

Saturday night we’re off to celebrate Thumpah’s colleague Karine’s birthday. It seems that Thumpah is very close to a few of her work colleagues – out of work we are often invited to celebrations involving them. They are always really nice at work too, when I pass through on the odd occasion.

Saturday or Sunday lunchtime we should be seeing our friends Campbell & Marie-Laure with their toddler son Lucas, who are visiting the area from where they live in Epinal. It is nice for Rémy to have an anglo-french friend, they seem to get along OK. Hopefully at some point we’ll go and spend a few days in Epinal with them.

Sunday night we’ve been invited for an apéro to celebrate our SIL Martine’s birthday.

Monday afternoon I’ll be seeing two maire adjoints to discuss photos for the forthcoming Soubie magazine. I finished the cover yesterday and started placing all the text onto the 20 pages of it. Seems they’ve given me a bit of breathing space following the death of Chipie – but I’d really like to get this finished well before Christmas.

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