Pipi Daddy

We’re right in the middle of potty training for Rémy at the moment, hoping that at some point he’ll be able to hold himself before saying “Pipi Daddy/Maman”.

Yesterday we went on a cycle ride to the local park, parc Villeroy in Mennecy. Once there we dismounted and walked around some of the many pathways there. Then as we left on the bike I saw SIL in the distance starting to pull her wheelie bin towards their gate. Both Thumpah’s brothers live right opposite the park.

So rode up to the their place to say “Bonjour”. Chatted for a few minutes before we started on our trip back along the cycle path to our village and home.

As I pulled up at our front gate I heard “pipi… pipi… pipi…” coming from behind me. We dashed up the drive, but I suspect he had already done it as I started to undo his seat belt.

Well… nearly there… he did do the rest in his potty once we got back into the house, so I can see that there is progress.

Rémy is still going through 3 pairs of trousers and pants a day, tho…

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