Cambriolages in the Val d’Essonne

My PIL’s informed us yesterday that our street and surrounding area has been subjected to some house break-ins. It isn’t the first time that this rumour has been spread.

Generally the finger points straight to les manouches (gypsies) – but seeing as there are a few emcampments in the area I suppose it is easy to blame them. Here in our village there are two pieces of land purchased by gypsies – who have turned them into a parking area for their caravans. There are rumours too, that our Maire was menacĂ© to allow both the sales and planning for the sites to go through.

Between here and Ballancourt-sur-Essonne, a 12 space emcampment has been built with facilities for “les gens de voyage”.

The local emcampments are all featured in the map below:

So to be on the safe side we close all shutters on the house before going to bed, or going out. But if whoever is really determined to break in, then I guess they’ll just get in anyway.

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