Cambriolage (again!) & gastro…

After a weekend of fĂȘtes, on Saturday and Sunday nights, I woke up this morning with the trots. 🙁 Almost gastro-like along with aches and pains. Add that to the tracheitis and I’ll be honest: I felt like shit!

Before Thumpah left she suggested I look in the drug cabinet and take a homeopathic remedy to stop the aztec two-step to the loo.

Added to all that, RĂ©my was up half the night with Thumpah beause he didn’t want to sleep so by the time I woke up around 7.45am he was asleep in bed. I didn’t get him till 10.30am, by which time he was awake.

Just after that I spoke with Thumpah at work via Skype and she told me that there’d been a break-in at work over the weekend. Their building is about a year old, of the metal skinned type. So all the burglars did was to cut a small square in the metal exterior wall big enough to pass a child through, who then managed to get in to open the doors. So now Thumpah had arrived to having to work on an inventaire of the items stolen. Which were themselves in metal cages that they also cut into. Needless to say they aimed the lighter stock, some very expensive memory cards.

The result being that the company won’t make its targets for the month.

Later on in the morning RĂ©my helped me to put up the Christmas tree, or rather, he passed me the decorations and I put them on. He seemed to really enjoy keeping busy with that and loved the fairy lights.

As for me I was on auto-pilot with him, somehow I dealt with his potty each time, had to change his trousers and underpants once and kept him occupied till he went for his nap around 3pm. Once he was in bed, I watched a bit of Top Gear before falling asleep on the sofa. Took two 1000g paracetamols during the day to keep the aches and pains at bay.

Didn’t wake up till Thumpah came home around 7pm, I guess RĂ©my was waiting for me to get him possibly an hour earlier but he didn’t seem bothered about spending extra time in bed. Once home she cooked pasta sauce Rochefort which in my state I couldn’t stomach. Aside from breakfast I’d not eaten a thing all day – so I had buttered toast and a compote instead.

Was supposed to see the maire-adjoint this afternoon but called him just before lunchtime to leave a message telling him that RĂ©my was totally out of sync after a disruptive weekend and that I wasn’t feeling so good. I can only assume he got my message as he never turned up.

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