The Généraliste is coming round cet après-midi

Last night I got a bit nagged by my MIL about seeing the Doctor – I was lying there on the sofa having just woken up. She said I didn’t look too good and that I should get the Généraliste to come round and see me tomorrow. Oh, and that she’d look after Rémy. Oui Chef!

So, here I am feeling a bit sorry for myself having not slept much last night and waiting for the Doc to come this afternoon. This morning was fun though – each time I had a coughing fit I shit myself (literally), which doesn’t do a lot for morale.

Thumpah called our Doctor, David, first thing then packed off Rémy to the PIL’s before going to work. David phoned around 9 am to say he would come round during the afternoon. Having taken more homeopathic medicine I feel glad that I am no longer shitting myself when coughing… lets hope it lasts!

Meanwhile I’m sitting here watching Top Gear interviews on Youtube and sniggering to myself. Well… gotta watch something you can laugh at in my state.

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