Soubie, Amazon & Chipies ashes

While Rémy watches an episode of Thunderbirds, I can blog… for a bit. There is always the danger of him peeing on the sofa, but hey he went through 3 pairs of trousers yesterday.

Cracking on with the Soubie project for the mairie time is cracking on too with the visit from the jolly red giant just round the corner. Yesterday went through all the images to be used in the magazine with two of the maire adjoints – there must have been around 100 posters and “now & then” photos of local cinemas to sort through.

Also had a phone call yesterday from the vet to tell us that Chipies ashes are ready to be collected. This weekend we’ll bury them in a corner of the garden so she can be there with us. I guess we are both wondering how big the box is going to be as this is something we’ve never done before. Two of Isa’s previous dogs are also in our garden at the side of the house but they were not cremated. Anyway it’ll be nice to lay her to rest at last.

Since mid November I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping online, mostly with Amazon both here and in the UK. We did the same thing last year, even though we spent the festive period with my Mum over in Leicester. It saved us space in the car on the trip up at least, but we did have a few hassles with a couple of items. Well it was too much to ask not to have any problems this year, but unfortunately we had one. I had ordered a Gromit back pack for Rémy as he seems to be really into W&G. The parcel was delayed because we had an accusé de réception in our letter box – and because I’ve not been 100% (neither has the weather) I didn’t get to cycle to the La Poste with Rémy until about 10 days later (see the previous article about my La Poste jaunt).

Anyway it was the wrong item, they sent a Hutch back pack instead. So I emailed them to complain on the 24th November. They hadn’t replied by yesterday so I left negative feedback. Perfectly reasonable, except this morning I received an email from them via Amazon market place complaining about the fact I had left the negative feed back. Err… ‘scuse me… but I’m the sodding customer here! They then went on to whinge that they receive 100 emails a day and that I should have communcated with them through Amazon market place. For me it was more logical to contact them direct on their own email.

Anyway I’ll get back in touch with them later with a photo of the article they sent  (which I can’t do, obviously, with Rémy around), to see if the problem can be sorted out before Christmas.

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