A morning when nothing goes to plan…

As it is Friday, Rémy goes to his mamie at 11am, thereby giving me a bit of rest time/catch up time. He spends lunch with her and his cousin, then then naps over there and stays with his Grandparents till Isa comes home in the evening.

Today was going to be slightly different. Mr le Maire Adjoint came round yesterday to work on the Roger Soubie magazine with me. With us needing time to work on it before Christmas I suggested that I would be free from 11am the following morning as Rémy was going to stay with his mamie. He thought it would be good if we lunched together at a resto before starting work, although he had to take part in a “pot” for the service technique that for some reason he was going to drag me along to first.

So this morning, he came round an hour early just as I’d got Rémy dressed and kitted out for a quick walk around the block before I dropped him off at 11. Monsieur le Maire was a bit put out that I wasn’t available – and had to go away to come back later on.

So I went for a nice walk with my son, in fact it wasn’t a walk for him as we took his tricycle. He was enjoying himself driving through the puddles from the rain yesterday. It didn’t take very long as walks go, but as he is potty training I wanted him to get a pipi in before he went to his mamies. Plus we couldn’t be too late for 11 because afterwards she takes him to the village school to pick up his cousin there, then they come back for lunch.

Only we were running 5 minutes early and it seems my MIL was running a bit late as she wasn’t at home yet. So we played a bit of football in the driveway. Sods law dicates that Daddy is going to end up kicking the ball in such a way to cause Rémy to fall over. Well thats what happened – he tripped over it and fell flat on his face onto the hard tarred drive, hitting his head. Then of course he went into hysterics because for once he had really hurt himself this time. He was also covered in mud and leaves, so I picked him up, his bag with all his things in and a Christmas card I had just got from the letter box nearby (and had dropped when I rushed to pick him up) and rushed him to the house.

As  I had just started to get organised to clean him up, there was a tap at the kitchen door. Mr le Maire Adjoint was back to pick me up. When I told him that I’d have to reschedule for this afternoon then explained that Rémy had had a really bad fall he wasn’t too pleased and departed looking pretty annoyed. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again today.

So I got my poor little lad cleaned up, arnica on his forehead and treated some small bobo’s on his knees. He was still pretty upset but better when I took him back outside to rush him to his mamies just in time.

Oh and the Christmas card? It was from some really good friends of ours, Colin & Lorna, back in Leicester. Whenever we’ve seen them Lorna has been like a Grandma to Rémy. She loves him and he loves her. The card had a £20 note inside for Rémy. There was a note inside to say that Lorna had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but following treatment she now has the allclear. So really a big shock for us. All our thoughts go to them and I’m going to give them a ring later on to see how they are.

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