A Cocker for us?

It seems so soon after Chipies demise to be thinking about taking on another dog. But we’ve still been looking on sites such as “le bon coin” to see what dogs there are out there. Thumpah”s colleagues also pass on links to possible new dogs for our petite famille.

One such dog was a Cocker, 8 months old and a male. We’ve seriously considered getting him, even as far as Thumpah sending the seller an email and then leaving a phone message the following day. It was advertised at 50€. When they called back, it appears that someone they knew had put the advert online on their behalf and had put up the wrong price. They really wanted 250€ for the dog. It appears that both the lady owner and her two young daughters had started to get some bad alergies related to dog hair. They hadn’t owned an animal before, so it came as a complete surprise and is really upsetting them to have to sell the dog.

He had been bought from a branch of Animalis for 500€ as a puppy, and while with them is now to a stage where he is obdient, playful but still toilet training. But they are having to keep him in a seperate room.

We’ve thought long and hard about taking this dog on. It has been pretty hard going through all the pros and cons, since yesterday evening. Obviously you cannot put a value on a dog – but we can’t really stretch to the price asked.  Realistically, with a young son we have a lot of spending to do over the Christmas period and into early 2010.

The plan will probably be to visit an SPA centre early next year…

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  1. I suppose you are right, Maria. Chipie was originally from an SPA centre.

    One thing we don’t like, though, are shops like Animalis that sell pets. You never really know where dogs come from.

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