The reality of Barney the Dinosaur?

Much to my annoyance Rémy seems to be a fan of this show. So I have to sit there watching it with him while trying not to puke. Found this quote online about the show which I thought excellent…

“The shows do not assist children in learning to deal with negative feelings and emotions. As one commentator puts it, the real danger from Barney is denial: the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities. For along with his steady diet of giggles and unconditional love, Barney offers our children a one-dimensional world where everyone must be happy and everything must be resolved right away.”

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  1. Dont worry John all these kids programmes will soon be over as Remy grows up and wants to watch all the usual stuff,oh by the way you have been eaten by facebook tonight or maybe you have got fed up with its constantly changing layout!

  2. Well, I’m slowly weaning him onto Top Gear. 🙂

    Have asked Facebook to delete my account. Just keeping the busphotos account going on there.

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