Too much publicity in your mail box?

Being here online, you’d think I was talking about spam wouldn’t you? Well… on this occasion this is about real mail. Although the likes of Amazon and other online shops are quick to bother you with excessive email messages whenever you buy something from them.

Well, in our part of France we have the same thing, only from all the local stores… Carrefour, Auchan, Leader Price, Giga… the list goes on. When it is time to go for a stroll down the drive mid-morning to go and get the post from our box next to our gate, I come back with a wad of mini-catalogues and leaflets for local businesses which can include anything from pizza takeaways to gardeners.

Yesterday, on the way to go grocery shopping, we stopped off at the bottle and paper banks in the village. Aside from looking like alcoholics with our Curver boxes of  empty bottles of wine and beer (but we did have a lot of food jars and sauce bottles as well… HONEST), we also had a helluva lot of paper as well. Yes you’ve guessed it? All the publicity we’ve received over the last few weeks… which must have amounted to over 5kg… Out of all of those, very few actually get read. OK maybe those from toy stores as we are so near to Christmas… or perhaps those shops selling computers and supplies so that I can keep in touch with the lastest thing. The rest get put in a Curver box in our petite cuisine, then end up in the paper bank.

What a waste!

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