Strikes before Christmas?

Yesterday morning the taxi drivers were on strike around Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to the north of Paris and also those in central Paris started “operation escargot” on the A1, A106 & A6 autoroutes causing a worse than usual traffic snarl up during the rush hour.

This Thursday, unusually the RER line A will also be disrupted by a strike, normally when one line is on strike on the Paris suburban train network the rest follow suit eventually. It may not seem serious in itself, but for anyone travelling into Paris this will cause autoroutes close to the centre and the Périphérique to jam up with traffic, as commuters seek an alternative route to work.

One of Thumpah’s colleagues mentioned yesterday that the lorry drivers were also planning on going on strike before Christmas as well, which could cause disruption to store deliveries. I suppose they really know how to hold everyone by the short and curlies.

However, as everyone is desperate to complete their Christmas shopping only in France can strikes as devastating as these cause so much trouble to everyone else.

In a couple of days last week I had completed my Christmas shopping for friends and family in the UK and last night, with Thumpah, in a few hours we had done most of the shopping for her family and our friends here in France. Yes, you’ve got it – we did it all online… we probably saved a lot of money shopping on the net, too.

OK, we avoided the crazy rush in the local stores. However, I have images of the nightmare horror of us going round the scrum in the largest Carrefour in the area at Villiers en Bière. Makes me shudder to think about it. But with the lastest (and possible) traffic snarl up problems from different strikes this Christmas, we are now asking ourselves if our orders will actually arrive before the festive season or not?

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