Rémy turns a corner

It is always rewarding to see Rémy learning something new, I remember when he started walking, started washing himself in the bath, started to say his first words. He is beginning to express himself even more, although the mix of French and English is slowing him down quite a bit compared to a child of the same age speaking uniquely French.

The last few days he has been mostly eating all of his meals, occasionally he’ll say that he doesn’t want anymore but it is wonderful when he finishes his bowl. Surprisingly he loves rice or mashed potato and he loves fish.

Yesterday morning, when in his pyjamas, he actually went to his potty all by himself. Pulled down his bottoms and sat down and did a pipi and no.2 as well. He did that twice more during the morning, although he did leak slightly and the second and third time, on the last one I did have to prompt him a bit. But it is really a good start after nearly 3 months of practice. I have no idea how this compares to other children of the same age – perhaps we are just really patient in waiting for him to start doing things by himself. All I know is that emptying a potty up to 8 times a day then cleaning up can be a bit wearing. Although he does now carry it to the loo. I leave him to press the flush while I spray some bleach cleaner into the potty and clean it.

Perhaps even worse, we have two pottys. So sometimes he’ll do something in the big one in the living room. But then as I take him to get dressed in his bedroom he’ll do a small on in the potty there too. OK, he does it by himself but it means I have to clean yet another one to clean.

Another first over this last week or so is not needing the bath seat for him anymore. Thumpah bought a rubber bath mat, so now he sits directly in the bath and he loves it!

CORRECTION… Thumpah has reminded me that Rémy has been without his nappy (apart from at night and during his siestes) since mid November. But we did start his training in September… have to be exact about these things or I’ll get nagged even more… 😉

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