Toffee with her family

Toffee is getting more and more settled in with us. I didn’t really want to take too many photos of her with the flash when she first arrived, as she was obviously a bit scared after probably being unsettled by things for quite a while. The most difficult thing was getting a photo of her with Thumpah and Rémy as he didn’t want to stay still or in one place.

So far she hasn’t done any bêtises, she hasn’t barked since we saw her at the SPA and has been really very patient with Rémy. Although he is quite gentle, he does tend to play with his games a bit to close to her and making a lot of noise in the process thereby scaring her.

This morning, when I woke up at 6.15am, I caught Toffee sleeping on the sofa. That is probably the only grumble I have about her. Not a big grumble, but I’m someone who isn’t keen that dogs lie on the furniture. She has, though, got used to her basket.

Thumpah has today off, so this morning we’re all going for a walk. It has been a really chilly night so time to wrap up well!

Toffee is trying to get in on the act as I type… 🙂

John and Toffee
With Thumpah and Rémy

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  1. Oh we are very lucky as she appears to be house trained. But as important she has a good temperament too. We loved Chipie a lot, but she could get pretty grumpy with us sometimes.

    Toffee was a bit withdrawn at first and is really nervous in the car. But she is starting to get used to us. We took her for a walk earlier which probably helped, but we still think she is scared that she’ll be abandoned again/taken back to the SPA centre.

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