Lakes of Vert-le-Petit in sub zero temperatures

OK… OK… just an excuse to add a few photos of us and toffee to my blog. On Monday Isa had taken an RTT, one of a few that she has left to take before Christmas. So after getting ready which usually takes a lot longer on a day off we headed to a neighouring village called Vert-le-Petit. The place itself is nice, but slightly hidden along a narrow road are les étangs de l’Essonne where there are walks, a restaurant and a camping site right next to the lakes there.

Holding Rémy as he feeds the water birds.

We took along some bread to feed the water fowl there and the one swan and goose that came over. Making sure Rémy didn’t fall into one of the lakes! We then went for a wander around part of the lake, but the freezing temperatures made us eventually turn back for a wander to the car park.

A bit of variety.

As we were out we thought it would be nice to go to a restaurant for lunch. The one at the lake was closed because it was Monday, but then so was the Chinese restaurant we’d planned on in Mennecy. They do some great food there, like many Chinese places locally doing an “as much as you can eat” buffet. If you are local, you’ll find it next to McDo on the RN191.

In the end we found another Chinese restaurant further along the RN191, not far from the entrance to the A6 autoroute. This place did a buffet too, but the food wasn’t as good and wasn’t very hot either. It was only as we were leaving that we noticed the micowave hidden behind the plates.

In fact we were in a bit of a hurry as we dropped off Toffee at home and changed Rémy before we left for the restaurant. By then it was approaching 13h 15 and I was due to meet Monsieur le maire at 15h.

Thumpah Rémy & Toffee Your friendly neighbourhood blogger. Oh… and Toffee.

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