“Pardon Daddy…”

Today is bath day for Rémy, which he usually has in the morning during the week. Only today it was the first time he had one without the plank of chipboard with baby cushion on top, that I put over the sink as a changing table. He was getting a bit big for it anyway, added to which we have also done away with the bath chair too.

But it was COLD this morning. Our house has warm rooms and down right cold rooms. That is due the way the naff heating is, in our place. Rémy’s room is about the warmest in the house because he has a cast iron radiator. Our living room, even with a red hot rad going is about the coldest. Yesterday I cut up some pieces of scrap wood from the garage stock pile to get the fire going last night and for today.

So this morning,  it was a mad dash from Rémys room to the bathroom, with his dressing gown on. The bathroom has an old 70’s electric heater above the door which is turned on via a string hanging from a ceiling switch. So I have to put that on before taking Rémy to his bedroom to undress him, so the bathroom warms up in the meantime.

He wasn’t too cold, didn’t moan at all about that. He was snug and warm in the bath and got a bit annoyed when I threw that old joke of “accidentally on purpose” pulling the plug out. Usually resulting in a desperate sounding “Noooo…. no… no…. noooo”.

Anyway, with no “changing table” on the sink, I put a towel on the floor for him to step on (so he didn’t get cold feet from the tiles) and started drying him off with another towel.  We were messing about as usual – pushing each other and laughing, then he gave me a good smack in the nose. I held it for a while and I heard this little voice say “Par-don Da-ddy” with a serious look on his face. He just made me laugh, as it was the very first time I’d heard him apologise to me for whacking me!

The snow has been a good distraction today. It started not long after 8 am, around the time Thumpah went to work and continued steadily till 2.30pm. Very light snow is falling still as I write at 3pm and there has been some drifting. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to take Rémy out in it, as I realised he hasn’t got any suitable clothes. He is rapidly outgrowing his trousers, so very few of the padded ones will fit now. The ski suit he used last year is obviously too small. Usually we never get snow here in December – so we’ve been caught by surprise totally today. So we stayed in the warm and watched it from inside.

Toffee went out in it though… not for long, she was soon wanting to come back in. She sort of zipped out of the door, ran around as if on tip-toe then zipped back in again. Does this dog EVER pee or do a No.2???

As you can see from the forecast for the weekend below, we’ve got plenty of white stuff to come…

Weekend snow

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