Thaw Sunday evening?

As I look outside some of the snow close to the house has started to go, but it is still a bit icy underfoot. I know it is icy because I cleared our car of snow before Thumpah went to work this morning. The nice soft 3cm covering hid a layer of ice directly on the car, so had the motor running to clear the windscreen.

The weather forcast for the next few days has changed slightly to light snow today and tomorrow, the heavy snow Sunday morning and a sunny afternoon with temperatures climbing above freezing for the first time since last Wednesday. We’re set to get a dizzy 2°C before plunging down to minus 4°C Monday morning when no snowfall is predicted. That afternoon will see a 1°C.

By car we aren’t that far from the main Paris suburban road network. Thumpah said to me last night that the main thoroughfares are largely free of snow, but when she got to the lesser used Départemental routes, they were still a bit dangerous. Probably the only time you’ll see French motorists driving at 50km/h 😉

P.S. At 9am it is now snowing.

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