Happy New Year… but first, here’s a tantrum…

Rémy is going through a phase of hitting us when he doesn’t get his way. Of course that doesn’t last very long with me. After a big tantrum tonight, as he preferred Fireman Sam to having his meal at the table, he hit Thumpah because he didn’t want his soup.

So I plucked him up, smacked his arse and put him into bed. He is going to make a good singer… He screamed… and screamed… then eventually he calmed down. Of course he wet himself after all that, then before we changed him I had to lecture him about not hitting people to get his own way. Bit pointless really. He already knew why he had been punished. We’ve been here before.

Maybe later, when he is in bed I’ll bore you all to death with a write up about our festivities… Bonne année 2010 à toutes et à tous…

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