Strange phone call from a woman in Vienna?

As I was getting Rémy ready for his nap at around 1pm (in fact I was trying to find an English story book to read to him), the phone rang. I picked up and had some weird language being spoken to me by a womans voice then my name mentioned. So I replied in French saying that “Oui je suis John Nelson”.

She then asked if I spoke English to which I replied “yes”. She started trying to speak English which I didn’t understand too well. But the gist of it was that she was a musician in Vienna.

With Rémy waiting for his story, and me wanting him to get some sleep – I told her: “Sorry, but I don’t know who you are. I am also a bit busy”. Then hung up. I really couldn’t understand her English very well. Whoever she was, I wonder how she got my number. Surely if she was ringing from Vienna she would expect to get someone speaking French to them from a number in France?

As I was reading the story to Rémy (Teletubbies) a few minutes later the phone rang again. Thinking it was perhaps the same woman I decided not to answer – especially as I wanted to get Rémy off to sleep. Of course he was pushing me to answer the phone – by saying “Its the phone!” over and over a again.

If he had been with me, he would have answered the phone for me! That would have been fun.

But I’m still sitting here wondering who the hell was she???

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