Rémy went ballistic this morning…

What a great start to the day… as Isa left for work this morning, Rémy went ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC… and I mean THE MOTHER OF ALL TANTRUMS. He was trying to get out of the kitchen door, stopping Isa from closing it from the outside. Hitting the glass with such a force. Hitting the glass on the living room window then trying to hit me. I carried him to his room literally kicking and screaming…

I won’t tolerate anything like that.
He is now calming down in bed.

I told him that he should know by now that Maman has to go to work and that Dvddy stays at home to look after him. That I won’t tolerate him behaving like that and that he is a very bad little boy.
It is very RARE he throws a tantrum when his Maman leaves for work, especially as he was very calm before she went. But judging by this morning either he has been building this up for a while or simply he is just tired. He has never got to that stage before – close, but not like this morning.

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