“We will be your smiling guides to help you to enjoy your journey in Brittany”

Greetings from Morgat. Where’s Morgat I hear you ask? Well its err… in Brittany. No… Really? Well the title was a dead give-away wasn’t it? That is a line I nicked from the guide book to where we’re staying. Very bad English translation, but it made me sit here giggling like Rémy (in otherwords like a 2 year old).

We’ve rented a very small house in a holiday park, 2 bedrooms and a living area which is typically French. All in one room downstairs with a kitchen corner. The bedrooms are upstairs along with the bathroom. All very reasonable really. Apart from the fact that I’m not on the net as I write this in Windows Live Writer… so not very “live” because I won’t be publishing this article until we go home next Saturday (today is Sunday 21st March). Anyhoo… it’ll keep me off the net for a week, which can only be a good thing. That and the fact I don’t want to pay 20€ for a weeks Wifi that I can only use next to the reception area of the complex, rather than here in the house.

So back to Morgat… this is our first full-day here so we’ve not done a lot to explore the local area… Even if we were all up at 7.30am this morning, well, with a toddler everything gets drawn out. Suffice to say that we’re on the little bit of peninsula facing Brest – right at the far western tip of France.

Rémy is having his sieste, After which we’ll be going to the pool. So any exploring will have to be done tomorrow. Gives Thumpah sometime to recover from the drive, although she has still been running around after Rémy.

I guess we both have.

Arriving at the next town, Crozon, last night we had to come to an abrupt halt as Rémy did a very good exorcist impersonation – his head didn’t swivel though… so we had fun cleaning the car up with the hazards on before making the final 10 minute journey to Morgat after 600km on the road.

OK – it was our fault… we gave him not only too much to eat, but he ate things that were perhaps too rich for him. At least he is OK today, apart from throwing a tantrum this morning when we went for a walk because he wanted to go to the “piscine” and the “jeux” (pool and playground). We managed the latter on the way back. 🙂

This will probably be our last holiday this year… sounds drastic eh? It is only March after all! Well the last three months of 2010 have been eventful. I turned 40 back in January. On the morning of my birthday, before Thumpah went to work, one of my presents was a pregnancy testing kit… very original… The end of September will see us with a new addition to our family.

Then Thumpah turned 41 earlier this month.

So we have a Summer without holidays to look forward to. That doesn’t mean we’ll have no time off. Thumpah will be on maternity leave from mid-August. But then Rémy starts school early September. So we’ll have a few weeks together at least, to go on small breaks or daytrips.

I would have posted photos of the first scans, my 40th, Isa’s 41st and of course the usual cute photos of Rémy. But as my external hard drive is back at the house, they’ll have to wait until I get back. I guess I’ll have plenty of time to sort through the photos. At least I think I will, because just lately I’ve been so busy with little mundane tasks and whatnot. So I probably won’t have the time, thinking about it!

Which is also why I’m now virtually Facebook-less (I still have one account to publicise my photo site… more anon…). I could also rant about Facebook (probably NOT more anon…)

We have the rest of our week here in Brittany… if I feel like it I’ll write a bit about that another time!

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