Through the flotte and into some flotte

The nice thing about this holiday village is free usage of the swimming pool. Yesterday Thumpah and Rémy went by themselves, as I over “siested”. Took Toffee for a walk, and gave them a wave through the windows of the swimming pool.

Anyway, I went along today and quite enjoyed. To be honest I’ve never really been at ease around water and pools, not since school. The first time I went into a swimming pool was when I was 11, at school. I still can’t swim, but together with Thumpah we helped Rémy to start learning to float and to feel confident in the water (certainly more than his Daddy!). I stuck my head under the water a few times – just to give an example.

This morning we went for a mega grocery shopping trip… well, a bit of an irresponsible shopping trip judging by the final total. We bought little presents for a few people, a few toys for Rémy and lots of local Breton produce. Went to town on buying some nice things to eat. What the heck! We’re on holiday!

Time for an apéro!!!

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