Cap de la Chèvre

Woke up to some really drizzly weather this morning, the sort that Brittany does best. So far this holiday we’ve been up between 7.30am to 8am, but looking out the window to the car park behind our rented house doesn’t really make you feel motivated to go out visiting.

Anyway – after eventually getting ready we were out by 10am, destination Cap de la Chèvre. It is just south of Morgat on a piece of land jutting out south towards errr… France. Not a lot there really, just a memorial, a bunker (possibly left over from the WW2 German occupation) and a Marine Nationale look-out tower. But we were joined by rain and high winds when we got there, so that made things interesting. Very difficult to take photos because of the wind and water getting onto the lens, perhaps easier to take video but ditto for the lens. Oh, and I found out that my anorak wasn’t very water proof, meanwhile Thumpah found out that the hood on hers made it so she couldn’t see where she was going. I’m sure those military types in the look-out tower opposite were having a real good laugh at this tourist family of 3 and dog braving the elements wearing inadequate clothing!

One good thing that has come out of today is that Rémy has realised that he can go to the loo all by himself.

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