Three other “pointes” on the Presque Ile de Crozon

Late afternoon yesterday we headed west to the Pointe de Dinan, after our trip to Cap de la Chèvre in the morning. Weather was still a bit grim, even so, the beach at Pointe de Dinan was spectacular. It was a bit of a trek down some steepish sand dunes to get there but the views were breath-taking as was the sea. The waves were a bit on the rough side. Aside from us there was just one bloke preparing to go kite surfing. He must have been totally crazy.

Thumpah & Rémy had gone ahead, so that I could take a few photos looking down on the coast and even managed some shots of them on the beach from a distance along with some video.

Before setting out, we had visited a store in Morgat to buy new coats. Our other very thin anoraks were still not dry from the battering we got at Cap de la Chèvre in the morning. So we were grateful for them as we watched the waves crash around while we were battered by the wind on the beach. Rémy amused himself with his usual game of throwing pebbles into the sea, although the cold and the fact that the tide was coming in rapidly made us beat a hasty retreat for the climb back up through the dunes to the car park.

We were ready for a good meal when we came back. Had some Camembert we bought at LeClerc in Morgat, made “locally”, which was out of this world! Enjoyed a couple of Breton beers* too… they went down very easily.

Today we were a bit late getting out and about, we woke up to more rain, which had gone by the time we left Morgat at around 11am. Destination Pointe des Espagnoles, to the north of the Presque Ile de Crozon, which afforded views looking across to the large naval port of Brest (which we visited last year). We then moved over to the south west of the Ile, to Pointe de Pen Ben Hir near Camaret-sur-Mer, just up the coast from Pointe de Dinan. Here we found some stunning views, plus a large memorial to the combattants on the side of the FFI during World War Two, fighting for Général de Gaulle. Further back along the same coast, there is also a museum dedicated to the “Battle of the Atlantic” where I was able to visit a few of the bunkers put in place by the Germans (I won’t say built by them, as they were in the main, constucted using slave labour from various concentration camps).

Later in the afternoon we headed off to a beach further down the coast from Morgat. As seems to be the norm at this time of year the place was deserted, mind you the sea and the weather seems to attract a lot of surfers and surf schools. As it was close to 7pm, the sky became a grey-blue looking south and and orange-grey to the west. Obviously an off coast storm, but it gave a wonderful light for some of the photos I took.


* – I bought a multi-pack of Breton beer.

Britt – “Bière blanche” very light to drink and 4.8% alcohol. “Bière blonde” & “bière ombrée” both 5%, the former more like 1664 or Heineken.

Dremmwel – The other three types: “bière rousse” (red beer), which is probably the equivalent of our Bitter at about 6% alc. “Bière dorée” at 7% and “bière blonde” at 5%. All are very good and “easy to drink”. °hic° 🙂

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