Locronan, Douarnenez & Menez Hom

Not quite a firm of solicitors, nor an obscure hippy-band from the late 60’s, but places we’ve been to over the last day and a bit. Thursday dawned with it raining (as usual), it did stop for a few hours while we walked Toffee and got ready to go out, but by the time we arrived in Locronan it was positively pithing it down! This is an old village where they’ve tried to preserve not only the stone built buildings but also the cobbled streets as well. Not a very big place and to be honest I found it a bit of a glorified “commercial centre”. Only seemed to be of interest if you wanted to buy Breton produce or glass blown objects. Its claim to fame is that some scenes in the film “Tess” were filmed there.

Still… we had to wait a while in the car before we could venture out anyway. The rain got quite heavy and Rémy started to feel unwell “bobo ventre”.

On the way back from our visit we were attracted by a gift shop, where we bought a few nik-naks. For us, breakfast bowls with our names on decorated in a Breton style. I paid 9€ for a pottery 2CV complete with Breton woman wearing a Bigouedaine and a sailor type poking his head through the open roof.

We then traveled west to the piece of Finistère across the water from Presque Ile de Crozon, stopping briefly at Douarnenez, a coastal resort. Again the usual walk on the beach and a couple of lone surfers for me to take photos of with the backdrop of the town behind them as they paddled their boards in the sea. Rémy found a climbing frame which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately my back had started to go as we left Locronan, so by the time we arrived at Douarnenez I was really in pain. Still managed a walk, but it was getting worse with every step. Especially climbing up the steps from the beach.

We arrived home, where Thumpah was able to administer First Aid.

This morning I was in less pain – the early night probably helped as well. We set off for one of two highest points on the Presque Ile de Crozon, Menez Hom. Waking up the wind had really whipped up quite a bit – could hear it outside. By the time we’d driven up to the summit of Menez Hom it was near gale force. We walked up to the stone that marked the high point, affording views over almost the entire Presque Ile de Crozon – staying on our feet to view it was another matter. Things got interesting for me at least when I started taking some video and photos. Was really hard to hold either camera steady. After taking what video footage I wanted, the screen displayed “hard drive full” – that was lucky… We ended up putting Toffee back on her lead, for fear she’d be blown away!!!

We came back with interesting hairstyles, and I actually felt giddy from the wind as it had blown my hood open.

As today is our last full day in Morgat, we’ve had fun starting to pack. Before we left for Menez Hom I sorted through our food supplies to box up what we didn’t need, leaving a few things to cover us for today and breakfast tomorrow morning. Then made all the sandwiches for tomorrows trip home, to try and use up what was left in the fridge. Thumpah made a “jardinière” from the veg we had (potato, courgette, carrot & peas) to eat with some “tornados” (beef steaks) in sauce bleue (made with crème de St Agur).

This afternoon we’re going to start filling the car and roof box up with stuff – we have to be gone by 10am tomorrow morning, when they’ll be coming to inspect the house to check we’ve left the place clean and tidy. Can be quite stressful getting the place in order, especially with a Rémy under our feet 🙂

Anyway we can have a last visit to the pool later, after Rémy’s sieste. This morning as we passed, we saw the most people we’d ever seen in there. Much of the time the pool has been empty and when I went with Thumpah and Rémy on Monday there were just 3 others in there. Best make the most of it before we go…

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