2010 – a new baby and a little boy grows up…

Yes, I’ve taken my time to tell everyone our news… we’re expecting a new baby. We’re at that magic period of 3 months where we feel more secure for Thumpahs pregnancy, but we still have the trisomie test to pass. All being well the birth will take place towards the end of September.

Meanwhile, Rémy turns 3 in May. Which means he’ll be starting school for the first time à la rentrée… so we have a busy year ahead.

But we will be seeing more of each other, even if we aren’t planning on going away this Summer. In May we are (hopefully) off to Antibes for 10 days, that’ll give us 7 days there as we’ll cut the journey in two staying overnight in Clermont-Ferrand or Vichy. Then Isa will be on maternity leave from mid August onwards.

We’re starting to explain to Rémy that he’ll have a little brother or sister… but I don’t think he understands that concept yet…

Meanwhile I’ve heard absolutely sod all from my “family” back in the UK since last Summer… not even at Christmas when we sent presents, nor for my 40th in January. So there is a happiness there tinged with a certain bitterness. A big thanks to all my friends both here in France and over in the UK who have made that a lot more bearable.

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