Home, broken 2CV & Steve Wrights golden oldies

After our long 600km trip from the Presque Ile de Crozon, we arrived home at around 7pm, but didn’t get settled till a lot later than that after chatting to Thumpahs parents and starting the job of getting everything back into order. This morning I started the laundry, glad that I’d washed a few things before we left.

Rémy seems to be back up to speed… including breaking my new 2CV model that I’d bought on holiday. I was furious. That is ONE thing guaranteed to bring out the worst in me. He got sent to his room.

On the net I had a few messages to go through. It was nice to be missed. 🙂 My MIL had put aside a few parcels that had arrived for us while we were away, she’d even been to the local La Poste with my passport to pick up one that hadn’t been delivered. The usual accusé de réception slip in the letterbox Grrr…

So I had a parcel of goodies from Britishfoods.fr a few Ladybird books I’d ordered from Amazon for Rémy and a letter from the BBC… Yes, *that* BBC. A few weeks back I had selected some tracks to be played on Steve Wrights “Non Stop Golden Oldies”. To my surprise they’d been played, but unfortunately I’d missed them because I was on holiday. In fact I suspect they were played on the 19/03/10… when I was packing. Anyway a badge and compliments slip minus Steve’s autograph, which said it had been included was in the envelope.

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