Quelle honte !

The last few days have been pretty tiring… tell me something new? Thumpah is a bit stressed out at work by some office politics, as in a lot of offices. Had my fair share of that back in the UK. I’m tired because I’m trying to do as much as possible here at home so she doesn’t have to do so much when she comes home. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work so well, as there are always things that I just can’t seem to keep up with. Mind you it is boring to say that this week I’ve had not only the washing from our holiday but also that, that was left before we left for Brittany. Despite doing a couple of washes before we went.

Ever got the feeling you are disappearing up your own backside?

On Tuesday night I was helping Isa’s Dad with a few computer related tasks. Getting Audacity to record from the PC speakers, then working out how to print directly onto CD’s with his new printer. Then Thumpah walked in from work. So we, with Rémy spent a little while with his Grandparents.

I had prepared dinner before going over there, WW cubed potato with onion and tandoori spice with haricot verts and a sort of cheese & ham torte comptoise. So we were tucking into that when the phone call came. Of course Rémy answered the phone first, as he always does. Then, as usual, he refuses to give us it and chatters away to the person at the other end. OK if it is immediate family, not so if not. We heard from the voice, faintly, that it was Georgette… Georgette??? Isa put her hand to her mouth… “QUELLE HONTE!” she breathed!

Errr… SHIT! It dawned on us… they’d invited us over that night for a meal with them, and here we were tucking into our cheesey hammy things with potato oniony thing with greeny beans… Rémy offered me the phone (he always gives me the phone)… I whispered to him “To Maman….” – I passed it to Thumpah. She is better at explaining things, and as Pierre & Georgette are friends of her family, I thought I’d leave her to do the talking.

Luckily they were not annoyed… but that made us feel 10 times worse… I’ve never felt so embarrassed since Chipie bit Pierres hand, when they came to eat with us… better forget that too… poor Pierre…

So they’ve suggested we come round to eat next Tuesday instead… Isa said that they should freeze what they prepared for us, so we could eat it next week. Yes… we were *THAT* ashamed.

She left a note on my desk the following morning with the new date and time written in BIG letters… to be entered onto our Google Calendar, so we don’t forget.

Now we have Rémy, life has changed… you get forgetful, distracted… whatever… then to top it off, that following day I got a phone call from the vets receptionist… Guess what? We’d missed an appointment that day too… the one where we were supposed to be at Pierre & Georgettes that evening… talk about sods law. Guess who answered the phone to the vets receptionist, then didn’t want to give me it….? QUELLE HONTE !

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