Pâques in 2010

Soddit… should be doing some mundane household task while Rémy takes his sieste… what the heck. Here’s an Easter catch up…

I love this photo of me with my little lad… This was taken the day before Easter Sunday and probably the first time that Rémy has taken time to pose for the camera. Normally he doesn’t want to. 🙂

This year Rémy really cottoned onto the idea of hunting for Easter eggs in his Grandparents garden. He had his cousin Lise to help him out as he went around peering here and there with his little yellow sack.


“This is getting a bit heavy, Lise…!”

Something for Lise too…

“Look what I’ve got Maman!!!”

A good time was had by all… although later on we were hit by an almighty hailstorm. We could hear the cherry sized stones hitting the roof of the conservatory and seeing a nice white carpet of them on the lawn outside. Luckily all Easter egg hunting outside had been suspended by then!

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