“I chose the non-top oldies on Steve Wright in the Afternoon”

Last month I was really chuffed to come back from Brittany to find that I had chosen the oldies on Steve Wrights afternoon show on BBC Radio 2. The sad thing was that I didn’t actually get to hear the show itself as it was broadcast while I was away. But the BBC have been very nice about it.

Hello Steve,

Many thanks for playing my Non Stop Golden Oldies tracklist. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear the show due to being on holiday in Brittany when it was broadcast. Would it be possible (pretty please) to obtain a recording of the missed show? Looking at the playlists on your site, it was perhaps the show broadcast the 19/03/10.

Many many thanks if you get to read this, a big hello from over here in rainy France.

John, Isabelle, Rémy & Toffee the dog.

Hi John,

Thanks for your message – sadly we’re unable to provide any music recordings to listeners on CD due to British copyright law. And we only have shows on the BBC iPlayer for seven days after they were originally broadcast due to the same regulations.
I’m so sorry you missed your Oldies!
Best wishes,


Kerry Reece
Assistant Producer on Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2

Evening Kerry,

Thanks a lot for getting back in touch. I fully understand about the copyright problem, it is perhaps the main reason why I hear from fellow Brits here doing everything they can to access their favourite BBC programmes. 🙂

Being able to listen to BBC Radio from this side of the Channel is such a lifeline. It  may sound an exageration, but I know that before we could get BBC Entertainment on the TV, we were quite chuffed that we had access to Radio 2 and BBC Radio Leicester (where I’m from originally).

Thank you for the compliments slip which was waiting for us when we arrived back off holiday. Unfortunately it didn’t have Steves autograph included. Could I be cheeky and ask for his autograph, please?

If thats not possible, please pass on our best wishes from this corner of France to Steve and team. We really enjoy listening to the show and the others on Radio 2, it is also another way of sharing something “British” with my 3 year old son.

All the best,


Then about a week later…

Hi Kerry,

Many thanks for the autograph from Steve, which arrived this morning.

All the best to everyone,


Over the years I’ve really enjoyed listening to BBC Radio since living in France, I guess everyone is as nice as they seem on the radio. In fact back in 2006 I had first hand experience when I was interviewed on Radio Leicester during a visit back home to the UK. As my Grandma was celebrating her 80th at the time, I was allowed to bring her and my Uncle along with Thumpah of course! We were all very nervous back then, but I remember the DJ Julie Mayer did her absolute best to put us all at ease.

Never having been in a radio studio, I was struck about how complicated it is to actually “run” a show and at how smoothly Julie ran it. I was genuinely impressed. It seems so easy when you listen to them all on the radio, it isn’t.

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