Being a Daddy for the second time…

Three months from now Rémy will be at school and we’ll be (we hope) close to the birth of our second child. In fact it is due for the end of September, but as Rémy was 2 weeks premature anything can happen.

Lots of things are rushing through my head at the moment. How will Rémy react to school then finding that he’ll have to share us with someone else. How are we going to cope with two kids, in fact, rather more selfishly – how am I going to cope with being a stay at home Daddy to two kids!? Well in fact, at the start we’ll be a family together as Thumpah will be on maternity leave till December. So 2011 will be the big test for me.

But I suppose as I had some bad experiences at school, right from the word go, I feel a little aprehensive for Rémy. Of course he has to learn that he isn’t the only person that matters – but even so memories from my past come back to haunt me. But of course, things are very different now and Rémy seems to be turning into someone who is very “happy go lucky”, plus the school environment is very different here.

The thing that is surprising me at the moment is how enthusiastic he is about the fact another baby is on the way. Meanwhile we’ve had another worry. With Thumpah being at a certain age, the question at this stage is whether things are going OK. In particular the question about whether or not our baby has Downs Syndrome. In the end she hasn’t had the trisomie test – we left it a bit late. However, the new thing is a combination of a blood test and scan. Unfortunately the scan before the last one wasn’t very clear, however the blood test came within the “safe” level. So that is already a good sign.

The last scan, which was done on more modern equipment confirmed that all is OK. It also told us that we are expecting a little girl… Haven’t we been here before???

Rémy seems to like the idea of having a little sister and keeps on talking about it. It is surprising how much he understands about the whole thing!

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