Hot hot hot… pipipipi… Ubuntu… Gcompris

Normally the issue of Rémy being “propre” is dealt with with some patience by me. But today I have to say I cracked. Am I proud of that? Well… err… no…

We are getting to the stage now where Rémy can actually go to the loo by himself. But over the last few weeks he has started going back to wanting his potty again. It feels like a backward step, especially as he has started to wet himself again during the day.

After zillions of times explaining everything to him, today he got a smack. Then I explained every reason I could think of why he should start being like a little boy and not like a baby, the most important one being that if he carries on like this then there will be no school in September.

In fact I hit him where it hurts (apart from the smack that is), because it appears that he loves going to school from the little we have done. But now I just feel like we are going nowhere with his toilet training.

As a person, I really did felt bad about the smack after he went for his sieste. Looking at Daddy in a hurt way. Really tugs at my heartstrings… but enough said, it had to be done.

When my MIL rang up this evening she enquired about whether Rémy had done something wrong. Of course, while Rémy was getting seriously told off earlier in the afternoon by me they were just a few metres away sitting outside in their back garden. So I went into a bit of a defensive mode – but she then said that she wasn’t getting at me over that. Well, what can I say? It must have sounded impressive, because on the occasions when I get annoyed I know I can really shout!

As per yesterday Rémy slept just 2 hours. Coupled to the fact he isn’t sleeping straight away when he goes to bed at night I think that I have one tired little lad on my hands who tries to hide that fact. Coupled with the 30°C temperatures outside, well… err… he gets irritable.

So do I… 🙂

After his sieste today I had been tinkering around with Ubuntu on my old Packard Bell Easynote XS. Which in short is a pile of dog doo as netbooks go. But then came across Gcompris, a suite of games for kids aged 2 upwards. So I stuck that on, then wanted to see what Rémy would make of it. He sat at the table in front of the netbook, delighted with the games. Of course he has loads to learn – but in the main a lot of the games are there to teach children how to use the computer then further modules are purely educational ABC’s 123’s etc. So now Rémy has been bitten by the computer bug I guess there is no going back!

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