Bye bye expat groups

It is past 2am, it is a very hot and muggy night and I can’t sleep. Which is probably why I’m on here!

Whether that has any bearing to what I’m going to say here or not, I don’t know. Perhaps the fact Rémy has been difficult the last few days has something to do with it? No… I think not.

I feel that this has been coming for sometime – how I feel in general about the internet, how things are changing with the Facebooks and Twitters of this world taking over.

Being a stay at home Dad can be quite a lonely job too. When I first arrived in France I was pretty lonely, having left the UK to live in a country where I didn’t have any friends. After a few years having bought my first PC I thought “What can I do to stop this painful alone in a foreign country feeling?” The answer was to start a group for people like myself.

That was 11 years ago. At the beginning I think things worked quite well. But then I started to go wrong and so did my group. In fact I don’t think things ever recovered. I feel I have been kidding myself that I could perhaps get something going like back in those early days.

Despite this, over the years I have made some good friends. Some even stay in touch to this day, while others seem to have faded into the background. We’ve had some fun times, meeting up in person for several meet ups. Happy memories.

But as I say things have changed. Over the years I have been put off by cliquey/snotty/snobby/look everyone I live in France type expat groups. There are a lot out there. I get fed up with that. In recent times I feel that I have kidded myself that I could make a difference by continuing to run an expat group. But each time my hopes have been dashed and now finally I am going to give up on all that is “expat” group once and for all.

Those who matter will surely stay in touch with us, it is all I care about now. Gone are my efforts of flogging a dead horse by hoping against hope that I’d get some participation going and make a difference.

But I’m not dead and gone, far from it. Stay in touch though… eh? As I’m back to square one and feeling pretty lonely.

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