Stay coooool…

Not quite la “canicule de l’été 2003”  weather at the moment. I remember that we topped 38°C here in the Essonne back then. But we’ve got a 34°C today, which is hot enough that it is a bit unbearable. Thumpah is having a hard time of it really, with carrying our baby… last night was probably the worst this week.

Obviously, it is important to stay cool, for me in particular, that I make sure that Rémy does too. Here are a few ground rules that might help.

1) The obvious: Drink plenty of water.

2) Use a wet flannel to hydrate your skin – it really does work.

3) Pass some cold water over the back of your neck. For some reason this part of the body acts as a thermostat – so cools you down.

4) Get a good fan.

5) Leave your windows open early morning to get some coolness in. Then around 9am close BOTH the shutters and the windows. Means you spend the day in darkness, but it is better that than sitting there cooking.

6) If you are lucky enough to have a cave or basement – spend some time down there to cool off.

There… some basic advice. Stay cooool folks!

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  1. John, here’s one that helped me a lot when we were in Paris, and might help T. Get a bucket of cool water, and put your feet in it. If your feet are cool, your entire body cools down quickly. Really helps! It was the only way I could sleep–I’d sit like that for an hour or so, and then would be comfortable.

  2. Sounds good. 🙂

    Last night we tried two other things. Putting a T-shirt in the freezer. Didn’t work very well though because it warmed up rather quickly.

    The other thing I did was just wet the T-shirt in the sink. Then wear it for 15 mins before going to bed. I exclaimed a few ooohs and owwws putting it on, but it worked I stayed cool for a while.

    This morning I awoke around 8am to torrential rain and a big storm. Rain lasted 3 hours… so now this evening we’ve got a nice little breeze. Lovelies… 🙂

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