Coupe du Monde 2010

Probably the only entry I’ll make on the subject on here. Ever since I can remember I have never really been enthusiastic about football, which matched my skill at sport when I was at school.

But I do love watching the World Cup. I even remember collecting Panini stickers for their Espania ’82 album.

For this World Cup my two countries, France and England, performed miserably. The French team because they are over-burdened with big headed idiots and the England team for having an over-paid naff manager. I really felt like banging all their heads together.

Since their early departure I had been hoping Ghana would get through. But it was not to be. Watching todays Argentina vs. Germany match I decided that I’m now going to follow Germany through to the final. They eventually won 4-0. As a country I like Germany. Have only been their twice, but I enjoyed the hospitality there. Besides… they knocked “us” out didn’t they? 🙂


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  1. John, I know how you feel…my husband is English and we lived 6 years in Cornwall; we how live here in France and I was disappointed in both teams in this World Cup…but on top of that, I’m American…and we’re out, too…USA looked like a kindergarten team, I’ve seen better soccer at High School and university matches in the USA. I’ll cry in my beer for all of us. On the bright side, both my mother’s and my father’s families came from Germany (a country I have loved visiting and a wonderfully warm people), so I’m joining you in backing Germany to the championship…they’re playing great this tournament…so, fingers crossed…!

  2. The German team is very young, but I think they’ve got what it takes to win. As for the American team, they played miles better than the England team so I shouldn’t knock them too much.

    Got no links to Germany apart from two visits there. Marburg (1993) and the Schwarzwald last year… Enjoyed both visits, just a pity I can’t speak the language!

    Have a nice 4th July, I’m looking forward to the national day here on the 14th which is also my Mum’s birthday…

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