Parc forestier de la Poudrerie de Sevran-Livry

Yesterday we made the longish trip over to Sevran (93) to see our friends Catherine and Didier. Catherine (who I may have mentioned before) is a friend I’ve known the longest since living here in France. An ex colleague of Thumpahs she was instrumental in us getting together 14 years ago, since then we’ve remained firm friends.

We had a lovely BBQ at their place. An apéro with foie gras on cereal bread and saucisson sec washed down with a kir rosé with fig (alcoholic) syrup. Followed by chips with chicken paprika, merguez & chipolata sausages. Really very nice.

Rémy was really pleased to see their little son Lilian, who is about a year younger than he is. They seemed to really get on and it was great to see Rémy being like a big brother with him. Unfortunately Lilian is at that age where he throws a tantrum over the slightest thing. Rémy was always there to pick him up and calm him down, when Lilian threw himself onto the floor in a strop.

To walk off all the good food we took a trip to the “Parc forestier de la Poudrerie de Sevran-Livry” – a large forested space right in the middle of the northern Paris suburbs. It was very strange to step from the cités and urban sprawl into a very peaceful and beautiful environment. It seems a very popular place, too, lots of bikes because the place is blessed with tarmaced paths which are quite flat. You really had to have your witts about you to avoid being hit by some mad cyclist. We were contantly having to rein in our two little boys who constantly wanted to go walkabout. In fact as soon as Rémy saw a little girl nearby he was off into “drague mode”…!

We found a bit of grass in the shade and just crashed out, while Didier and the kids played football with an official FFF ball (which caused us much merriment given the performance of the national team recently). Later on we wandered along shady paths to the area where a few small animals are on display, mostly geese and goats, but great for the kiddies. On site is a museum of explosive powders on the site of a poudrerie, which closed in 1973. We didn’t get around to visiting that, but I did find some text about it in English.

All in all a really nice day out in the 93.

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